Schillings advises ‘CTB’ in injunction case against Twitter

Schillings has been instructed to take on the might of Twitter in the High Court, with partner Gideon Benaim instructed by CTB, the individual at the centre of an injunction row.

According to Bloomberg the suit was filed on 18 May on behalf of CTB.

Those are the same initials used in a separate court battle concerning former Big Brother star Imogen Thomas in her fight to have an injunction lifted so she can reveal details of an alleged affair with a footballer.

In that case Schillings acted for CTB, instructing Hugh Tomlinson QC of Matrix Chambers.

Earlier this month (8 May) an anonymous Twitter user lifted the lid on the world of injunctions by revealing the names of the celebrities behind them.

According to Bloomberg the named defendants in the court filings are Twitter Inc and persons unknown.

It comes as the Master of the Rolls today revealed that only two so called super-injunctions have been granted since January last year (20 May 2011).

Welcoming the report, the Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge said: “Contrary to some commentary unelected judges in this country did not create privacy rights. They were created by Parliament.

“Now that they have been created judges in this country cannot ignore or dispense with them: they must apply the law relating to privacy matters as created by parliament, including those relating to the enforcement of privacy rights by injunctive relief, balancing them with the rights underlined in Article 10 and the principle of freedom of expression.

“The relationship between Parliament and the courts has, for generations, been predicated on mutual understanding and respect. Judges have never asserted, and they are not now asserting, any authority or jurisdiction over parliamentary proceedings or debate, which are exclusively matters for parliament.”