Romanian firm rebrands as Mareş Danilescu & Asociaţii following hire

Romania’s Mareş & Asociaţii has hired a partner from Zamfirescu Racoti Predoiu in a move that sees the firm re-launch itself as Mareş Danilescu & Asociaţii.

Lucian Danilescu joins the firm, which is led by managing partner Mihai Mareş, with 14 years of experience in M&A, real estate, energy and capital markets. His arrival brings the team to six partners and associates.

“We consider it as a sort of consolidation and a good move for us in the market,” said Mareş. “This type of young, dynamic law firm, there are only a few of them on the market. Lucian is a high profile lawyer in Romania. He complements the rest of our partners’ expertise.”

Mareş explained that the firm is to take Danilescu’s name and not other partners’ because Danilescu has a high profile in Romania.

“It also gives an image of the consolidation,” added Mareş. “It’s not just one guy with some associates.”

Mareş & Asociaţii merged with Spanish firm Garrigues following the latter’s launch in Bucharest in 2008 (14 July 2008). Mareş became managing partner of the new office.

Garrigues pulled out of Romania at the end of 2010, with the local office joining Musat & Asociatii. Mareş joined that firm for a short stint as a managing associate (6 December 2010).

“It was a very temporary move,” said Mareş. “No longer than six or seven months.”

Mareş & Asociaţii relaunched in September this year.

About 70 per cent of the firm’s work is derived from international sources, with the remainder coming from domestic activities. Mareş said that Danilescu’s arrival will allow the firm to target capital markets. Mareş is also keen to develop work in private equity, project finance and international arbitration. 

He added that his priority now is to consolidate the business rather than recruit further members of staff. The long-term plan is to push turnover up to €1m by the end of 2012.