Qatari Diar prepares ground for first-ever legal panel

Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company is putting together its first legal panel and is seeking tenders from 46 international firms.

Qatari Diar has issued requests for proposals to a long list of 46 international firms in a bidding process for its first formal legal panel. The company declined to comment on how many spaces were up for grabs, but said that the firms have been asked to submit proposals by 17 January 2012.

Firms that are successful at the first stage will be invited to present to the company in Doha in February and March. The new panel will take effect from 1 April.

Qatari Diar declined to go into detail concerning the panel process, but stated that it is looking for firms to fill spots in a number of sub-panels spread across the company’s core sectors. Firms can apply to be part of up to four panels at a time.

Qatari Diar has more than 49 projects in development or planning in 29 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, worth $35bn in total.