Portugal’s Abreu seals alliance with Mozambique’s Ferreira Rocha

Portuguese firm Abreu Advogados has begun an exclusive strategic partnership with Mozambique firm Ferreira Rocha & Associados.

The firms said they have entered into a ’protocol of cooperation and strategic partnership’, which went live earlier this month.

“We believe that there’s a lot of Portuguese investment in Angola and Mozambique and the flow to Mozambique in the past few years has been increasing a lot,” said Abreu Advogados managing partner Pedro Pais de Almeida. “So it’s all about following clients. It’s an exclusive relationship for Mozambique: we’ll use them exclusively in Mozambique and they’ll use us on the same basis in Portugal.”

Paula Duarte Rocha, managing partner of Ferreira Rocha & Associados, added: “Ferreira Rocha & Associados sees this partnership as a way of consolidating the firm’s growth, both domestically and internationally, with the support of as experienced and efficient a ‘machine’ as Abreu Advogados.”

Clifford Chance is also believed to work with Ferreira Rocha & Associados in Mozambique.

Abreu Advogados has had a presence in Portuguese-speaking Africa since 2007, when it signed a similar protocol with Angolan firm FBL Advogados.