Poll taxing

As the US mid-terms pass us by with barely a flicker on the newsometer, partners at Clifford Chance are positively gripped by election fever.

Not content with one round of voting for the senior partner job, the firm is now facing up to a second go-around, with a third take very much in the offing if no one struggles over the magic 50 per cent line (see story).

They obviously love their hanging chads down at Canary Wharf.

With only three contenders going for the job – Jonathan Elman and Malcolm Sweeting for the Brits and Daniela Weber-Rey representing Germany – one could be forgiven for thinking the process would be simple.

But with none of the trio willing to do a Thatcher and concede defeat, the wait for CC’s own John Major goes on. And on. One partner firmly believes it will be all over by Christmas – just as well seeing as incumbent Stuart Popham stands down on New Year’s Day.

But then, we’ve heard that ’over by Christmas’ line before somewhere… How did that pan out again?

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