Poke a lawyer

When the full social history of the late 20th and 21st centuries comes to be written, what will be seen as the great leaps forward?

Well, penicillin was one. The welfare state? Probably a fair shout. How about universal suffrage? Yeah, that’d go in.

And as for the last few years? Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and his nerdy acolytes, this generation’s defining contribution is social media. Yes, the ability instantly to share with the world the contents of your breakfast bowl is the early 21st century’s version of the contraceptive pill. Don’t it make you proud?

But according to a vital new study conducted by a PR consultancy under no doubt highly scientific conditions in a secret lab buried deep below Silicon Valley, law firms are suffering because they don’t know their tweets from their twaddle (see story).

Apparently firms are not taking advantage of the abundant opportunities available to stalk old school pals in a desperate bid to drum up contacts through sites like LinkedIn. And, shock of all shocks, some of their corporate profiles are “bland and generic”.

Maybe this will encourage Slaughter and May to start posting blurred holiday snaps of Hawaiian-shirted partners on its Facebook page. “OMG Nige – wot a nite! We woz soooo drunk!!”

Or maybe not, eh?