Pick a picket or two

As public sector workers across the country strike en masse in numbers not seen since 1979, spare a thought for partners at Linklaters.

As the magic circle firm’s LLP accounts show, the firm’s top-earning partner pocketed the same amount in 2010-11 as he or she did in 2009-10 and 12 per cent less than the highest-paid member got in the 2008-09 financial year (see story).

Capped salary, no semblance of a final salary pension. It’s a wonder they haven’t got a picket line going over at Silk Street.

The £2.2m sum is over half a million higher than the £1.56m top-of-equity figure that Linklaters posted for the 2010-11 financial year. But they do say it’s not having a lot of money that makes you happy, it’s having more than those around you.

Roughly half of Birmingham City Council workers could attest to that.

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