Philippa Piper: Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

What time do you start work each day? 8.30am.

Name: Philippa Piper
Firm: Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
Position: London 2012 programme manager
Location: A shoebox in Clapham

What’s the most boring thing you’ve been asked to do in your job?

I genuinely can’t think of a dull moment in my current role, but when I worked at a fashion and lifestyle website calling ungrateful competition winners last thing on a Friday had to be a low point.

How much time do you spend on Facebook each week?

Sadly not much – or is that a good thing? I’m one of those boring people who has the same profile from when I joined in 2007.

What is the most unusual Christmas present that you have received from a colleague?

A lesson in how to change a tyre from a male colleague in Australia – need I say more.

If you could introduce one law, what would it be and why?

A three-day weekend – two days are never enough.

How did you spend your last bonus?

Skiing in Japan.

What are the best perks of your role?

Training with top-flight athletes during my lunch hour, hearing from inspirational people like Sebastian Coe, being among the first to know about The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games – the UK’s biggest peacetime event. Everything is a perk.

What do you wear on dress-down Fridays?

Jeans and heels, makes a change from dress and heels.

Have you ever been asked to do anything at work that you suspect might have been illegal?

No – though I’m sure I cross the line now and then with image usage.

What is the most irritating habit of any partner you’ve worked for?

Knowing more than I do about the project I am working on.

How do you unwind after the end of a hard week?

White wine.

Do you see your colleagues on weekends?

Nope, though I suspect that might change in the summer of 2012.

Have you ever fallen in love at work? (If so, please provide details).

Not sure I’d tell The Lawyer if I had…but no, fortunately not.

If you were a lawyer what would your practice area be and why?

Criminal – too much time watching CSI.

What do you eat for lunch?

Salad followed by chocolate.

Is your salary (in thousands) greater than your age?


What items do you always carry around with you at work?

Shabby notebook, pen and often bribes in the way of chocolate – amazing the response you get from well-paid lawyers for a free 50p chocolate bar.

Of whom do you have photos on your desk?

Kayaker Tim Brabants, marathon runner Richard Whitehead and triathlete Hollie Avil. They are the three athletes we support and every time I skip the gym (fairly regularly at the moment) they make me feel guilty…

Corney & Barrow or The Royal Exchange?

Am I allowed to say the Oxo Tower?

Soy Latte or Nescafe?

Neither, earl grey.

City break or weekend in the country?

Country (in fact beach more specifically).

Sum up your firm, chambers or employer in three words.

Ready, steady, go.