Passage to India

Clyde, the orangutan star of Clint Eastwood’s Brechtian social commentary vehicle Every Which Way But Loose, won the hearts of audiences worldwide in the late 1970s by his ability to ’flip the bird’ at his easily-riled biker pursuants.

It would be wrong to say that the hairy orange ssuperstar’s namesake law firm Clyde & Co has received the same treatment from what is now its former best friend firm, but it can’t be too impressed with ALMT Legal after the Indian outfit announced its two-year relationship is over (see story).

Back in 2009, the firms entered into the agreement with the intention to merge as soon as local regulation allowed. But a recent split in the partnership at ALMT combined with the continuing intransigence of the Indian authorities when it comes to foreign law firms entering the market has meant the crazy kids never got to make it legal.

Instead, a Clydes partner – Dubai-based Abhumanyu Jalan – will join five ALMT partners in setting up new firm Clasis Law, with presences at both ends of the old spice road.

But the UK firm won’t be too downcast as its Indian relationship is set to migrate over to the new firm – it hopes.

After all, a presence on the subcontinent is one monkey that Clyde definitely doesn’t want off its back.