Orrick’s tale of the orient

Good things do come to those who wait. Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe, it’s probably fair to say, has something of a history when it comes to thwarted mergers.

Over the years the US firm has played kiss chase with, among others, Dewey Ballantine and SJ Berwin. Even as recently as September, Orrick announced to the waiting world that it was happily engaged to Akin Gump – a relationship that lasted about as long as the Australian batting line-up.

But it seems that, while true love might wait, it does eventually come to everyone.

And, much like many a frustrated romantic, Orrick has turned to the far east to finally find The One.

The firm is to tie up with Vietnam’s LVN & Associates (see story). The Hanoi operation was recently set up by former Orrick associate Linh Qyunh Doan.

You can see why Orrick found this particular union easier to pull of than some of its past attempts: Doan is LVN’s only lawyer.