One small step for Ashurst…

Congratulations must go to Ashurst this morning.

The firm has taken the brave decision to put the health of its employees at the top of its priorities list by shutting down the lifts for three hours every week, forcing staff to take the stairs (see story).

The bold move means anyone nipping out for a cheeky ciggie or lunchtime pint can put back all that goodness with a lung-busting climb back to their desk.

And besides helping their people stay fit, Ashurst is also doing its bit for the environment. The energy saved by shutting down the firm’s six lifts is said to be the equivalent of that used to power the whole of Scarborough for up to three months.

And other firms are already using Ashurst as an inspiration. Clifford Chance is understood to be bringing in running machines for associates engaged in late-night document review sessions, with the energy generated powering Upper Bank Street’s neon lighting.

Well, they always said it was like a treadmill.


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