One Essex Court pupils to pocket £60k salary

One Essex Court’s 2010 intake of pupils are to be the highest earning trainees at the bar, with the set revealing it has set its pupillage salary at £60,000.

Senior clerk Darren Burrows told The Lawyer that the move shows “the seriousness of our intention to get the best people”.

The three students taking up pupillage in October this year will receive a £45,000 salary, with the sum rocketing to £60,000 for the October 2010 intake. That equates to a rise of 33 per cent.

“We see ourselves as a top set and we’re recruiting the best people in

the market,” Burrows said. “We understand who they refuse when they come here. There is ever increasing competition for those people.”

Wilberforce Chambers is also upping its pupillage salary, although the sum will remain some way below that being paid at One Essex Court. Wilberforce, which currently pays pupils a salary of £40,000, will up the sum to £48,000 for its 2011 intake.

Wilberforce clerk Danny Smillie said the initiative was designed to help the set grow organically.

“It’s a more focused way of growing and attracting the high quality people we need,” he said.

Essex Court Chambers will increase its pupillage salary to £55,000 from October 2010 in a bid to attract a more diverse set of applicants. The set rationalised the move by saying it would help pupils  to repay burdensome university debts.

Brick Court offers a remuneration package of £42,000 while Fountain Court and 39 Essex Street both offer £40,000.