On the up

There’s nothing like a weekend of sunshine to pick up the nation’s mood.

And if you want further evidence that the gloom of the previous two years has subsided (until the public sector cuts come, at least) then look no further than the news that the UK’s firms are back in hiring mode (see story).

After successive waves of job losses between 2007 and 2009, the UK’s top 25 firms have brought on around 2,100 people this financial year. Just 101 of that figure are partners and mid-market and silver circle firms reaped the crop of magic circle exits.

Caution in hiring (or talking about hiring) in some quarters suggests that the shadow of redundancy programmes has far from lifted, though, while the lack of partner hires at Lovells is associated with its imminent tie-up with Hogan & Hartson.

The biggest numbers of hires were seen at Irwin Mitchell (414) and Eversheds (293) – largely as a result of a desire to bulk up their respective volume businesses.

Irwin Mitchell recently brought on former Nabarro property head Geoffrey Lander as a non-executive with a view to rolling out the commoditised model to its real estate practice and is in hiring mode there (see story).

Perhaps the relative success of this model is a sign of things to come?