Olympic Gates

There aren’t many things that have caught Londoners’ imaginations recently as much as the Boris bike.

As we reported this week, plenty of lawyers have already taken full advantage of the weighty two-wheelers generously provided by the city’s mayor and Barclays (see story).

But now the blond wonder has a new campaign, one that well-known Cockney firm K&L Gates is backing to the hilt.

Yes, K&L Gates has told its lawyers and staff that if they want to apply to be one of the expected 8,000 Olympic ’ambassadors and volunteers’, already known as the Olympic – should that be Boris’s? – army, they have its blessing.

What’s more, they’ll foot the bill for the three days of training and six consecutive days the firm’s staff will need to be at the games (see story).
Can any other ’UK’ firm say the same?

As K&L Gates says, it’s doing it for its ’people’. And not in any way because it’s jumping over hurdles to get on the once-in-a-lifetime PR bobsleigh of being closely associated with the world’s premier multisports event.