Oh, Howrey mighty have fallen

The reports over the last couple of days were true then. Hodgson has gone.

But wait a second, it isn’t Roy who is clearing his desk this morning, but Howrey’s now former London chief Mark (see story). And far from being bundled out of the door with a one-way ticket back to west London, this Hodgson took destiny into his hands and waved adios to the crumbling edifice that is the US firm’s City practice.

It was all so different back at the start of the decade when the US behemoth marched into the great capitals of the Old World proclaiming that a new dawn had broken over the shores of European litigation. But, as is the case with Liverpool, dreams of Euro glory at Howrey now seem a thing of the past.

Seeing the writing on the wall – though not quite as early as the dozen IP lawyers who set up their own boutique early this week – Hodgson (Mark) has popped up at Field Fisher Waterhouse.

FFW now boasts 23 IP partners in Europe apparently. Pretty impressive – and a full 23 more than Howrey has left in London.


In The Lawyer on Monday: More on the ongoing travails of Howrey; the Dawkins legacy at Simmons; and why DLA wanted out of Bulgaria.