Of Turks and tortoises

History is littered with what-might-have-beens.

Remember when Decca told The Beatles it didn’t like their sound and that guitar music was on the way out? Or when Hoover laughed James Dyson and his designs out of its offices?

Now it looks like it could be Osborne Clarke’s turn for a spot of minor rueing. The firm hasn’t sacked a creative genius or started jumping up and down on couches, but it has missed out on the opportunity for a link into law firm hotspot Turkey.

For the firm’s former alliance partner Graf von Westphalen is set to launch an office in Istanbul in cooperation with local firm GSI Meridian (see story).

Osborne Clarke (OC) and Graf von Westphalen were alliance partners until 2001, when OC decided integration wasn’t happening quickly enough and enticed a group of Graf partners across instead.

OC may have been haring all over the Continent since then, but it’s the tortoise that’s got the office in the most fashionable jurisdiction of 2011.

Time for OC to retaliate and open in Casablanca instead. We hear there’s quite a crowd there nowadays.