Norton Rose’s oval ambition

With a year to go before kick-off at the Rugby World Cup (not to be confused with the real World Cup, which features a sport contested by more than just half a dozen former penal colonies) Norton Rose is obviously hedging its bets.

Today’s double-whammy of mergers with South African firm Deneys Reitz and Canadian firm Ogilvy Renault (see story) means that, having hooked up with Deacons in Australia last year, Norton Rose now has its flag firmly planted in the soil of three of the leading contenders for next year’s event. And Canada.

Maybe the partners are angling for a few corporate jollies down to New Zealand next autumn, which makes it surprising that chief exec Peter Martyr didn’t try to find an Auckland firm to cosy up to as well.

Unless, heaven forbid, this isn’t all about tickets to the world’s premier sports tournament for public school boys and the Welsh and is in fact Norton Rose’s attempt to become a serious international player…

…like Eversheds?