No place like home

The glories of a British heat-wave are upon us: long balmy evenings, jugs of Pimms, Wimbledon, people being “taken ill” on the Northern line…

In fact, the weather in the UK is now so glorious that more and more people are tipped to be ‘stay-cationing’ – that’s holidaying in Bournemouth rather than Benidorm to you and me.

Nabarro, it seems, is one of them. It’s just a year since the UK firm consolidated its European alliance with the addition of best friends in Spain and Italy, but Spanish ally Rodes & Sala has broken its ties with the alliance after merging with larger compatriot Gomez-Acebo & Pombo (see story).

As a result the firm will exit Nabarro’s European alliance, leaving the UK firm without a holiday home in the country.

Nabarro, however, is in no rush to find an immediate Spanish replacement.

“The Spanish market is less relevant now. The Spanish economy has been in trouble for some time, there isn’t a huge amount of enquiries,” confirms chair of Nabarro’s international group Michael Hales.

But given the state of the UK economy let’s hope that by staying at home Nabarro is not in for a long, rainy summer.


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