No Belgian waffle at Links

Finally the seal has been broken and the wave of new partners is about to sweep its way into the marbled corridors of the City’s law firms.

Eversheds is the latest firm to show its hand, with the firm striving manfully to get back up to the heights of benevolence displayed in 2009 when a mammoth 32 associates were given the golden key.

Only 22 made the cut at ’Sheds this year, but that’s three more than on the last spin round of the partnership carousel (see story). Interestingly, with South Africa increasingly on the mind of a few firms, three of the new partners are based in Johannesburg.

Yesterday, Linklaters anointed 18 lawyers. But, reflecting a trend that could worry a few hard-up juniors struggling to pay the rent on their one-bed maisonette in West Hampstead, only a third of them were in London (see story).

Still at Links, the senior partner election is now underway, with partners expecting a straight inter-departmental fight between banking chief Robert Elliott and litigation supremo John Turnbull, with European managing partner Jean-Pierre Blumberg completing the line-up in what is in no way whatsoever a nod to tokenism.

And if the promotions are anything to go by, Turnbull has his nose in front. Two of the new Links partners are litigators while only one is in banking.

The swimwear section of the contest, however, is still too close to call.