Nabarro adds ‘softer’ element to partner pay

Nabarro has increased its emphasis on soft factors such as keeping clients happy and sourcing new work when slicing up equity to partners.

Simon Johnston
Simon Johnston

The firm is currently carrying out its regular review of the equity structure, which it carries out every five or six years.

Senior partner Simon Johnston said the firm was upping its focus on business development and client relationship management as it reaches summer decision time for distributions to partners.

It is also reported to be planning a larger bonus pool for the highest-performing partners, increasing it from 1 per cent to 5 per cent of profits, but the firm declined to comment on the figures.

The firm has traditionally taken business development and client relationship management into account as well as billing, management performance and professional reputation when allocating cash to partners.

Johnston said the system was “up for MOT”, adding: “You look at your system, like any firm would look at it. The process has been in place for some time. You look at the process and make it a bit more sophisticated.”