Mr Loophole’s greatest lits

Far be it from us to suggest that there are certain lawyers who suffer from a surfeit of hubris. Actually, scratch that. That’s exactly what we’d suggest.

Although that accusation can in no way whatsoever be directed at the man who tops the long-awaited annual list of high-profile lawyers, which hit excited news desks up and down the country this morning.

Nick Freeman – who has taken the sensible and humble precaution of copyrighting his alias ’Mr Loophole’ – is top of the list of media darlings having featured in a total of 120 articles in the national press (see story).

Mr Loophole, who is understood to feature in the next set of Mr Men books alongside other notable legal characters including Mr Greedy, Mr Kickback and Little Miss Sexual Harassment Suit, has earned his reputation by channelling the spirit of Boo Radley and standing up for the little guy.

In a highlight-packed career, Freeman has argued away speeding tickets for the put-upon likes of David Beckham, Freddy Flintoff and Colin Montgomerie.

And they say the world is short of heroes.