More on A&O and the erotic writer

“Can lawyers only write about bland matters?”

This is a question that the self-styled “most notorious expat in Moscow”, aka former banking senior associate Deidre Dare, poses in a £3.4m claim against Allen & Overy (see story).

The firm sacked Dare after she refused to stop publishing an online erotic novel. It claimed that the text, which detailed the sexual escapades of a woman called Dasha, brought it into disrepute, despite the fact that Dare argued that no single law firm nor lawyers were mentioned in the work of fiction.

In a claim form that combines elements of psychoanalysis with the tropes of the 18th century epistolary novel, Dare asserts that her novel had been popular at the firm and that the real reason she lost her job was because her boss had allegedly “developed a sexual obsession” with her.

The court will decide whether that’s poetic licence or whether Dare is indeed the victim she claims to be.