Monica’s moniker

Those readers of a certain vintage have probably never recovered from the shock of waking up one morning in the early 1990s to discover that their beloved Marathon bars would forever more be known by the less impressive name of Snickers.

Similarly, is it any coincidence that standards in postal delivery in the UK never recovered from the time when your local postie ceased being an employee of the Royal Mail and began working for Consignia – a title that sounds more suited to one of the team names on The Apprentice

Addleshaw Goddard partners might not feel quite the same tinge of nostalgia to hear that chairman Monica Burch is to go by the title senior partner (see story). After all, the chairman tag has only been in active use since Mark Jones took it on in 2009.

And, seeing as the rebrand won’t result in any changes to Burch’s role, the news shouldn’t cause too many ructions. However, Burch did feel that it was confusing.

“People get confused about what chairman means,” she admitted. “People know what senior partner is.”

That’s right. It’s the person everyone else blames when it all goes pear-shaped.