Mishcons gags Goo Goo for Gaga

Lady Gaga has a new single: Just Injunct.

Okay, that’s not entirely accurate. But a cartoon representation of the singer has been considered accurate enough to secure an interim injunction banning it from launching its own parody song, ’Peppy-razzi’ (see story).

Gaga’s poker-faced legal team at Mishcon de Reya, apparently all of whom were in the High Court this week resplendent in lobster hats and 12-inch stilettoes, has just convinced Mr Justice Vos that 50 million ’little monsters’ could confuse Moshi Monsters’ cartoon character Lady Goo Goo with the music artist and her associated trade mark.

What was a love-in for Mind Candy, the producer of Lady Goo Goo and its legal team at Clintons, has just turned into a Bad Romance.

Any future trial will focus on the potential dilution of Gaga’s brand and trade mark and whether Mind Candy, the producer of Lady Goo Goo, has been taking unfair advantage of the singer’s reputation.

And while Vos did rule that the character can still continue to appear in Moshi Monsters, effectively m’lord has gagged Lady Goo Goo.

Shame he couldn’t manage the same trick with her namesake.