Misappropriating the Mickey

The High Court has granted an injunction to a consortium of six major Hollywood studios, including Disney enterprises, forcing British Telecom (BT) to stop its internet users from accessing a website that infringes copyright (see story).

The band of movie-mogul claimants instructed Wiggin partner Simon Baggs, who instructed Richard Spearman QC of 4-5 Gray’s Inn.

BT fought the claim with vigour, trying the Rupert Murdoch defence of claiming it had no knowledge of any wrongdoing in connection with website Newzbin, which enabled searching of copyrighted material – pirated films and the like.

Funny, given how much BT likes to talk.

The victory is being viewed as a test case that could soon see all internet service providers being forced to block websites that allow access to pirated material, which means free movies on the internet could become a thing of the past.

Excellent. No, really.


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