McGrigors does an Osborne

When it comes to redundancies, today must be one of the best days in history to bury bad news.

To the half a million public sector workers forced to wake up to the harsh realities their private sector counterparts have been living with for a generation, the news that a law firm is set to axe 40 jobs might not cause that many ripples.

But McGrigors’ regretful decision to take the sword to its workforce for the second time in this recession (see story) has some serious repercussions for the profession.

Not least because many had thought that redundancy fever, which peaked in the not-so-heady days of 2008-09, had dissipated. Furthermore, the news comes after McGrigors leapfrogged Dundas & Wilson as Scotland’s No.1 law firm following last year’s tie-up with L’Estrange & Brett.

Hardly a ringing endorsement for the merits of merging.


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