Marketing for dummies, Squammonds style

The dream, alas, is over. The greatest law firm name in history is not going to happen after the killjoys at Hammonds and Squire Sanders & Dempsey got together and came up with their new coalesced moniker.

Squammonds may well always live in our hearts, but the headed paper will bear the less snappy name of Squire Sanders Hammonds (see story). Let’s hope the branding gurus weren’t paid too much for that one…

Except there’s a twist. Because the name of this global law firm won’t be the same all over the world. In the US and Eastern Europe it will be known as (drum-roll) Squire Sanders & Dempsey.

We’ll have to check with Norris McWhirter, but we think that’s the first-ever name change with no name change. We think we’ll stick with Squammonds.


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