Maggie Forman: Olswang

What are the best perks of your role? I am aware of what’s happening throughout the firm as a whole which is very interesting.

Maggie Forman
Maggie Forman

Name:  Maggie Forman


Position: Executive PA to senior partner

Lives:  Enfield

What time do you start work each day? 

BR and tube travel permitting 9.30am.

What’s the most boring thing you’ve been asked to do in your job?

Stuff envelopes.

How much time do you spend on Facebook each week?

I don’t spend any time on it at all  – I have friends – we see each other or talk on the phone.

What is the most unusual Christmas present that you have received from a colleague?

A nail drying device in the form of a brown monkey. I am still trying to give to some poor unsuspecting person or use it in a secret santa – be warned.

If you could introduce one law, what would it be and why?

To make sure that politicians actually answer questions with a yes or no.

How did you spend your last bonus? (If you have never received a bonus, how would you hope to spend it in the future)?


What are the best perks of your role?

I am aware of what’s happening throughout the firm as a whole which is very interesting.

What do you wear on dress-down Fridays?

Trousers and a less formal jacket until I can fit into my jeans again.

Have you ever been asked to do anything at work that you suspect might have been illegal?

Never, it simply has never arisen as an issue.

What is the most irritating habit of any partner you’ve worked for?

When having given you a retype of a document that is so covered in red ink they say:  “It’s not as bad as it looks really” – yeah right.

How do you unwind after the end of a hard week?


Do you see your colleagues on weekends?

I really try hard not to as I’m sure they do too.

Have you ever fallen in love at work? (If so, please provide details).

Not in the last 20 years – I don’t have time.

If you were a lawyer what would your practice area be and why?

Reputation management – I think there’s money in it.

What do you eat for lunch?

Boring stuff at my desk.

Is your salary (in thousands) greater than your age?

Alas no, but I’m working on it and could use that line – thanks.

What items do you always carry around with you at work?

I have acquired over the years some unusual items that I have yet to personally use but am assured somebody will at some stage require – like a hammer.

Who do you have photos of on your desk?

Husband – in case I forget what he looks like.

Corney & Barrow or The Royal Exchange?

Vodka! – C&B

Soy Latte or Nescafe?

Strong Nescafe.

City break or weekend in the country?

City break.

Sum up your firm, chambers or employer in three words.

Challenging, respectful and fun.