Liz Russell: Nabarro

I’m constantly busy at work so there’s very little time to be bored. The most frustrating part of my job is chasing people for things. I’m sure some people must get pretty bored of emails and voicemails from me.

Liz Russell
Liz Russell

Name: Liz Russell

Firm: Nabarro

Position: Business Development Manager for the real estate team

Lives: Raynes Park

What time do you start work each day?

Somewhere between 8.30am and 9.30am depending on work load and any early meetings.

What’s the most boring thing you’ve been asked to do in your job?

I’m constantly busy at work so there’s very little time to be bored. The most frustrating part of my job is chasing people for things. I’m sure some people must get pretty bored of emails and voicemails from me.

What is the most unusual Christmas present that you have received from a colleague?

I once received a pair of ski socks from a colleague for Christmas which is not that unusual as I love skiing. However what was unusual was that he took them back immediately and wore them for the rest of the evening. I never saw them again.

If you could introduce one law, what would it be and why?

No spitting in the street. It’s disgusting!

How did you spend your last bonus? (If you have never received a bonus, how would you hope to spend it in the future)?

I spent my last bonus on a ski holiday. I’ve got a bit of a reputation for always being on holiday. I don’t get any more annual leave than anyone else but I make sure that I make the most of it and go abroad instead of staying at home. It’s about perception rather than reality.

What are the best perks of your role?

The real estate market is very sociable and so I tend to get involved in a variety of fun events. Also I’m on the committees of Women in Property and Young Entrepreneurs in Property so I go to a lot of their events which are from time to time quite swish – we’ve got an awards dinner at Claridges’ for Women in Property in a couple of weeks time. The food at Claridges’ is fantastic and it’s great to hang out in the bar afterwards and spot celebrities.

What do you wear on dress-down Fridays?

Dress down Friday is a fashion minefield! Usually what I wear on Friday doesn’t vary much from my style for the rest of the week.

What is the most irritating habit of any partner you’ve worked for?

In the past I worked with a partner who, when negotiating with you, would leave huge silent pauses in the conversation whilst staring you out. Invariably I’d be the one to break the silence and end up talking myself into doing something I really didn’t want to. I found it irritating although I think he was pretty astute to use that tactic to good effect. 

How do you unwind after the end of a hard week?

Usually with a large glass of red wine whilst watching some trashy TV or comedy series. “Pete v Life” on Channel 4 has the right level of irreverence for me on a Friday night.

Do you see your colleagues on weekends?

I saw a lot of some of my colleagues this weekend as we cycled from our Sheffield to London office in aid of Great Ormond Street and MacMillan Cancer Support – not a result of any cost cutting, I hasten to add! We cycled 180 miles in two and a half days. You wouldn’t believe how many steep hills there are between Sheffield and London.

Have you ever fallen in love at work? (If so, please provide details).

Unfortunately not but I’m open to offers!

If you were a lawyer what would your practice area be and why?

I’ve worked in business development in the real estate sector for eight years so I’d have to say I’d want to be a real estate lawyer – it’s a fun market to work in.

What do you eat for lunch?

I recently holidayed in France and brought some local saucisson and cheese back so I’ve been stinking out our room with that all week, no doubt to the dismay of my room mate.

Is your salary (in thousands) greater than your age?


What items do you always carry around with you at work?

A notepad and a sense of humour.

Who do you have photos of on your desk?

I don’t have any photos on my desk although my screen saver is of my friend’s puppy when he was only four days old which causes an involuntary “awww” from most people that see it.

Corney & Barrow or The Royal Exchange?

Neither. It’s all about mid town these days!

Soy Latte or Nescafe?

Neither. I hate coffee so it would have to be a hot chocolate for me, preferably one of the thick, super-sweet ones from Patisserie Valerie.

City break or weekend in the country?

Definitely a weekend in the country for some walking or cycling followed by a large pub lunch.

Sum up your firm, chambers or employer in three words.

Busy, friendly, focused.