Linklaters and Allens Arthur Robinson to launch alliance

Congratulations to Linklaters, which has handily picked Shakespeare’s birthday to announce its alliance with Aussie firm Allens Arthur Robinson (AAR), but disappointingly, ditched the cross-dressing and the clowns.

Was ever law firm in this humour wooed? Was ever law firm in this humour won?

The Lawyer’s prophetic soul revealed talks between these two houses much alike in dignity earlier this year, but in the interim Linklaters partners did most vex their leaders’ uneasy heads after Simon Davies was denied his managing partner crown first time round.

Then Links did most lustily stage an on-off comedy of errors with saucy Allen & Gledhill, with the latter’s eye straying to A&O. For a while, Links’ Asia strategy looked to be on dodgy ground, but frankly, sweet are the uses of adversity. Many a time and oft have law firm leaders look’d abroad for their truant Muse, or in this case the Ashurst and Blake Dawson alliance. (Links and AAR are forming a profit-sharing joint venture in Asia in a model that looks eerily familiar.)

Quoth senior partner Robert Elliott: “The firms are a very good fit.”

Acting on the principle that if it were done ’twere well it were done quickly, a lean and hungry Linklaters did pluck AAR from the bosom of Slaughter and May’s best friends network. Slaughters has declined to comment on how sweet or sorrowful was the parting, but speculation is mounting that its darling buds are much shaken at these rough winds.

But let us not to the fully integrated client service of two firms admit impediments. All the world’s a stage for your average global lawyer now. Let’s hope the star-cross’d firms don’t rely on a slow-moving monk for its internal communications.