LG partner Garnham quits firm for social networking

LG private client partner Caroline Garnham has left the firm to concentrate on the social networking site she dreamed up five years ago.

Garnham has been an equity partner at LG since 2006. Before that she was head of private capital at Simmons & Simmons but left as part of a four-lawyer team when Simmons axed the department (31 July 2006).

Garnham will now devote her time to her role as managing director of Family Bhive, a social networking site for ultra high net-worth individuals, of which LG is a member.

“Family Bhive is getting a brand new website which will go live this week,” said Garnham. “LG were getting increasingly concerned that my involvement with the business wasn’t in the best interests of the firm and now we have an enhanced site we are starting a media campaign and I can now focus on being an MD of the company.

“I’ve been in private practice for a long time and it’s nice to do something else and not have to worry about time sheets.”

Garnham leaves private practice as a law she proposed and drafted, the Executive Entity Act, is set to be adopted in the Bahamas before the end of the year. The law enshrines an entity designed to carry out executive functions in wealth preservation structures in a simpler way.