LG goes Fishing for a merger

Now, no one’s saying it’s definitely happening, but Field Fisher Waterhouse and LG are at least pondering whether to merge.

Field Fisher is being startlingly open about it: management has been talking to a number of firms including LG, they say, with a merger just one of the options. Nothing’s going to be agreed quite yet and no partner vote is scheduled.

But the idea of a £150m combination – FFW’s turnover last year was £94m, while LG’s was £59m – does throw up a number of questions.

What will the new firm be called? Field Fisher? FLG? FFLGW?

Will Field Fisher move into LG’s cavernous offices next to City Hall?

And what will happen to clause 7.12a of FFW’s partnership agreement, which bans IP/IT head Mark Abell from standing for election as managing partner until December 2021?

The implications are boundless.