Lewis Silkin’s sword

Excalibur, mighty sword of Arthurian legend that could blind an enemy with one swift smiting, was the weapon conferred upon the mythical King to help the people of Briton through some of their darkest days.

As such, it is of course an entirely appropriate name for the document management system unveiled today by top 100 law firm Lewis Silkin (see story).

Lewis Silkin teamed up with systems integrator Sword (ah, yes, now it all makes sense) to come up with its epic project.

Lady in the Lake Jan Durrant – Lewis Silkin’s IT director – thinks today’s launch will mark a sea change as firms look for their very own Holy Grail – selling products to their peers.

And where Arthur Pendragon had Merlin to help him defeat the evil Saxon forces, Lewis Silkin has its very own wizard in the shape of Microsoft, whose Sharepoint software it’s borrowed to forge Excalibur.

Of course, in several versions of the legend, Excalibur is broken and cast back into the lake from whence it came.

Arthur’s IT people just said it was a “known problem” and went back to playing online Mah Jong, apparently.