Leigh’s pay Day

It’s been a week of firsts. A hung parliament, a coalition government and an Old Etonian prime minister (well, maybe not the latter).

But while most of us have been glued to our screens watching the new cabinet form, litigators are choking on the news that personal injury firm Leigh Day & Co has made a £105m costs claim against Trafigura (see story).

Yes, £105m.

Trafigura, of course, was the company at the centre of last year’s ruckus between The Guardian and Carter Ruck over the reporting of remarks made in Parliament about the alleged dumping of toxic waste in the Ivory Coast (see story).

The Swiss-based multinational settled the claim brought by Leigh Day on behalf of 30,000 Ivorians, but the latest news should guarantee that Trafigura’s name finds its way back into the headlines.

Especially as the success fee alone is £45m.

That would be some turnover hike.daly