Legal alliances Legal Networks International and Oasis announce merger

Law firm alliances Legal Networks International and Oasis have merged to create LNI Oasis, an organisation with around 57 firms spanning 50 countries.

Peter Danowsky, senior partner of Swedish firm Danowsky & Partners, which was a member of both networks, instigated the merger after spotting similarities between the two alliances.

The merger will mean there is duplication of firms in certain locations – including London, where DAC Beachcroft and McGuireWoods are both members – but the relationships are not exclusive so this has not led to any members leaving the network, says Danowsky.

Danowsky added that LNI Oasis was looking to add member firms in Australia and South Africa, as well as in Greece.

Danowsky said: “I took the initiative [to establish the merger] because as the only firm involved in both networks we saw that the quality of the law firms and the atmosphere at the meetings were very similar and furthermore Oasis had a strong representation in Eastern Europe, where LNI lacked presence.

“But there were other areas where we complemented each other, too, so it’s really making one and one equal more than two.”