Lawyers at the ready as City of London resumes Occupy LSX action

The City of London Corporation has resumed its legal action against protestors occupying space around St Paul’s Cathedral after a two-week hiatus.

In a statement today the City’s planning and highways committee said it was re-commencing the legal action designed to move tents off the highway around the cathedral.

The City first took legal advice over the occupation at the end of October (28 October 2011).

Landmark Chambers’ David Forsdick is advising the corporation, with the work being led in-house by City solicitor and comptroller Andrew Colvin.

The City’s policy chairman Stuart Fraser said that talks with occupiers on shrinking the extent of the tents and setting a departure date had “got nowhere”.

“We’d still like to sort this without court action but from now on we’ll have to have any talks in parallel with court action – not instead,” said Fraser in the City’s announcement.

The City is due to send a letter today to Bindmans, which is representing the occupiers, asking for tents and equipment to be moved. A notice will be issued tomorrow asking those with tents and equipment on the highway near St Paul’s to move within 24 hours.

If tents remain, High Court proceedings will be issued, although the City also said it will continue attempts to reach an agreement.

The news comes as police in New York have evicted protestors from a similar camp in Wall Street on health and safety grounds.