Law Blogs review #2: 28 October 2011

There was some outstanding legal blogging this week, and two posts stand out in particular.  

The first was by family law barrister Lucy Reed on the impressive arrangements at the new Supreme Court .  If one purpose of legal blogging is to give a voice to sentiments of those involved in the practice of law which otherwise may not be expressed, then Lucy Reed certainly articulates the views of many lawyers as to the welcome environment at the old Middlesex Magistrates’ Court.  The new court is indeed in contrast to the hopelessly dire Royal Courts of Justice, a Hogwartian labyrinth of a building intent on frustrating all that need to do business in there.
The other “legal blogpost of the week” (for me, at least) was by another family law barrister at St Johns Chambers, Bristol, Zoe Saunders.  Her hard-hitting post on the statistics of bar applications is essential reading not only for all those seeking to become barristers, but also anyone interested in what (on earth) is happening to the legal profession.  She also has written a slightly more encouraging follow-on post.
Elsewhere, London human rights barrister Adam Wagner rightly commends the Attorney-General for at least not talking complete nonsense on human rights and “Legal Bizzle” gets his formidable paws round the neck of the government’s illiberal and misconceived potential proposals for unfair dismissal .  “The Bizzle”, as this popular and  extraordinarily witty in-house legal blogger is known, also followed up on the issue of lawyers breaking client confidentiality in public places.
And finally, the recently launched and amusing “Legal Cheek” site has rounded up the legal tweets of the week, including a view adverse to even having “legal blogpost of the week” suggestions.
David Allen Green is media correspondent of The Lawyer.  He also writes the Jack of Kent blog and for the New Statesman.