Latham’s cooking up a storm

It’s difficult to knock a firm for its efforts to promote gender diversity. But not impossible, so here goes.

Latham & Watkins’ initiative to promote women in the workplace (called Women Enriching Business) recently sent out an invite to a canapé-making evening and, needless to say, a few people found the association between women and cooking a little reductive.

In fact one person went so far as to say that they almost fell off their chair laughing (see story) at the event, which sounded like something the 1950s era Women’s Institute might have done.

But speaking to members of the, erm, inclusivity community it seems that stereotypical activities are far from uncommon. One source even described attending networking at a shoe shop. And, indeed, Freshfields came in for some flack last month for arranging a bake-off to celebrate International Women’s Day.

But, as another source put it, few would pick holes at a male-oriented event to a football match.

And Latham is being a bit more touchy-feely than those macho boys at Shearman.

Toy guns v canapés? No contest.