Lateral re-thinking

A cautionary tale for any hopeless romantics bravely battling against the queues at Clinton’s this Valentine’s Day: the first flush of love’s young dream may not always last.

New research unveiled by The Lawyer this morning shows that nearly half of all lateral partner hires in London don’t stick around at their new firms for even a paltry five years (see story).  

In an employment landscape where, only a generation ago, the average lawyer spent their entire working life at one firm, not surviving half a decade is the equivalent of a one-night stand – with no follow-up text. Shame on these legal lotharios.

Apparently, those joining the live-fast, retire-young cultures of US firms are the worst culprits of this kind of office hopping, suggesting that these moves really are about chasing greenbacks, whatever platitudes are spouted at the time.

But, as ever, there’s another explanation. Maybe, some of those partners agitating for a move aren’t always so good at delivering on their promises (see feature).

The silver-tongued prince promising the moon at closing time might just turn out to be a bit of a frog come breakfast.