Kon weighs in as new SJ Berwin chief

It’s the Cheltenham Festival of law firms: thoroughbreds charging through the foggy sun, underdogs giving it a go, the odd dark horse enticing a few bets.

SJ Berwin’s senior partner race, however, hasn’t produced any of the surprises that would put the bookies in the red, with hot favourite Stephen Kon snatching his expected victory.

The competition chief takes over on 1 May after defeating litigation partner Hilton Mervis, who, by most reports, was a 500/1 outsider.

Managing partner Rob Day has shouted weighed-in, setting the ball rolling for 1/12 favourite Kon to replace true classic Jonathan Blake as the boss, with the tic-tac man smiling in the corner.

So, it’s Kon by a mile. Now it’s time to see if this winner is a genuine classic, or a one race wonder.