Kate Ferguson: Barlow Lyde & Gilbert

What time do you start work each day? Between 9am and 9.30am – earlier if I’m interviewing.

Name: Kate Ferguson
Firm: Barlow Lyde & Gilbert
Position: Recruitment manager
Lives: Kingston-upon-Thames

What’s the most boring thing you’ve been asked to do in your job?

Typing up interview notes – it has to be done, but I despair of it every time.

How much time do you spend on Facebook each week?

About an hour across the week. Twitter, though, is a different matter…

What is the most unusual Christmas present that you have received from a colleague?

All my Christmas presents have been good. I’m usually given a book. Or wine. Or a book and wine – those are the presents I like best.

If you could introduce one law, what would it be and why?

Everyone should be forced to buy their own umbrella and not nick a golf umbrella from work. It’s like walking down the road under your own personal marquee – I’m sure it’s lovely and dry, but I see a crowd of them approach along Leadenhall Street and flinch in anticipation.

How did you spend your last bonus? (If you have never received a bonus, how would you hope to spend it in the future)?

Saved it for my flat deposit. Most boring answer ever.

What are the best perks of your role?

It can be a fairly sociable job – I get invited to lot of events, lunches etc. There isn’t time to go to them all, but it’s good to have the option.

What do you wear on dress-down Fridays?

Doesn’t really apply in my job – I have as many meetings on Fridays as I do the rest of the week.

Have you ever been asked to do anything at work that you suspect might have been illegal?


What is the most irritating habit of any partner you’ve worked for?

I have trained myself to think of them less as irritating and more as endearing.

How do you unwind after the end of a hard week?

I write in my spare time – that can be relaxing (unless there’s an imminent deadline…) If I’m not doing that, I’m either out with friends, or at home on the sofa watching whichever US TV show I’m currently obsessed with.   

Do you see your colleagues on weekends?

No – I’m pretty sure they’re glad of the break from me.

Have you ever fallen in love at work? (If so, please provide details).


If you were a lawyer what would your practice area be and why?

I used to be one – I worked in litigation and arbitration. So I imagine I’d go back to that.

What do you eat for lunch?

Whatever looks good in the canteen that day. It’s not glamorous, but it’s quick.

Is your salary (in thousands) greater than your age?


What items do you always carry around with you at work?

My pen and notebook. Partners have a habit of remembering they need to talk about recruitment when they spot me – best to be prepared.

Of whom do you have photos on your desk?

Nobody. I didn’t think that was strange until this very moment.

What’s your favourite local?

I don’t have one near work – favourite pub would be the Camel and Artichoke near Waterloo.

Soy Latte or Nescafe?

Neither – a decent cup of tea.

City break or weekend in the country?

City. Probably. Depends on the city. Can I say both?

Sum up your firm, chambers or employer in three words.

Pays. My. Salary.