It’s great when you integrate… Yeah!

This one could take some following, so bear with us if you can.

Newly merged powerhouse SNR Denton has rid itself of the dual co-chief executive role (see story) so that one of the pair can concentrate his efforts on integration. What for? Well, because integration has gone so smoothly, of course…

While law firm doublespeak is nothing new, it’s setting the bar to previously unimaginable heights to create a role specifically for something precisely because that same something has been done so well already.

Confused? Maybe that’s the idea.

Now, anyone who voted Liberal Democrat at the last election will be familiar with the notion that some promises are worth about as much as a mark in Weimar Germany. But given that Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal and Denton Wilde Sapte only exchanged vows five months ago, pledging that former respective leaders Elliott Portnoy and Howard Morris would work hand-in-transatlantic-hand for at least three years, this is a remarkably swift volte-face.

But then again, anyone who voted for the Lib Dems will also be familiar with the concept that not all partners in a merger are exactly equal partners.