It’s good to talk

Many litigators argue that access to justice is hampered in London’s courts because litigation in London is just too expensive. Lord Justice Jackson will publish a report later this year outlining exactly how he feels this situation can be improved.

In the meantime litigation funders are coming up with innovative ways to help those with limited budgets get access to justice.

And, as James Delaney of The Judge wrote in our special report this week: “The credit crunch has sparked an opportunity for litigants to apply pressure on lawyers for alternative billing options” (see story).

Yet some litigators remain wary of new funding options. Writing in the same special report, Bob Gordon of 1st Class Legal said: “Many practitioners resist the requirement to talk to clients in detail about funding options, stating that they do not think it appropriate to ‘take on the role of salesperson, or broker, for litigation funders’” (see story).

For Excelsior, the production company that is suing ITV over royalties, the case would never have got off the ground were it not for third party funding (see blog).

London may well be an expensive place to litigate in, but that is partly because it has one of the best litigation markets in the world. But while access to justice may be partially blocked, the road is clearing with the help of a few pioneering companies.