In a ‘Galexy’ far, far away

In the last few years, the names of Integreon, Exigent and CPA Global have become almost as well known as the law firms they pitch to.

So here’s another oddly-named LPO beast for your delectation.

NewGalexy Partners has joined forces with Indian firm MV Kini to create NewGalexy Legal Process Outsourcing (see story).

We can only assume there was some sort of IP trouble with a certain global chocolate maker, which is holding on tight to the ’Galaxy’ brand in case it ever wants to diversify into legal services.

Regardless, under the new venture, the new kid on the block will target work from clients in Europe, America and Australasia and send it to be done by MV Kini’s 150 India-based lawyers.

Shame, then, that NewGalexy looks more like a perpetual spelling mistake than a brand.

What would Michael Gove say?