ICC arbitration court opens office in New York

The International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is opening its third international office in New York.

The move follows the launch of an overseas office of the ICC Court’s secretariat in Hong Kong in 2008 and a representative office in Singapore in 2010 (24 March 2008).

A case management team will administer cases in North America under the ICC Rules of Arbitration, enabling the court to cover all time zones.

ICC Court secretary-general Jason Fry said parties from North America had long made up one of the largest constiuencies of users of ICC arbitration.

Clifford Chance recently (30 January 2012) announced Fry would join its Paris office as a partner. His tenure at the ICC Court has encompassed the move into Asia in addition to a revamp of the court’s rules of arbitration.