I love it when a plan comes together

Ten years ago, a crack legal unit was sent to Central and Eastern Europe by a firm to which they didn’t commit.

These men (and women) promptly escaped from a private equity stockade to the CMS underground.

Today, still wanted by Duncan Weston, they survive as soldiers of fortune (see story).

If you have a deal, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The CMS A-Team!

They’re back.

CMS Cameron McKenna has called in the services of a seven-strong private equity ’flying squad’. Their mission: to travel Europe’s emerging markets in search of PE backed deals.

Led by partner Ted ’Hannibal’ Cominos who joins the firm as international head of private equity, the squad also features Graham ’Faceman’ Conlon and ’Howling Mad’ Alexandra Florea.

If you recognise the nametags, that’s because they were all part of a private equity force at Linklaters until 2007. After three years out of the law firm game the team has been reassembled by CMS managing partner Duncan Weston.

Quite who is playing the part of strong man BA Baracus isn’t clear but whoever it is they better not share BA’s distaste of flying because the squad will be covering some serious ground in their hunt for the pound.

“I love it when a plan comes together,” Weston didn’t say (but he should have).


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