Howrey west was lost

What fresh hell is this at Howrey? Having lost its European IP practice down the back of its sofa earlier in the month, the firm has seen three more partners decide that life might be more amenable over at another firm.

The trio heading over to the warm embrace of Dewey & LeBoeuf all come from the San Franciscan IP team and include the global co-head of IP litigation Henry Bunsow (see story).

Oh dear. Is there not an adage about once being unlucky, but twice smacking of carelessness? If so, optimistic managing partner Robert Ruyak is yet to hear it.

In an interview with The Lawyer (see story), Ruyak revealed how the loss of more partners was to be expected and is, in fact, all part of a clandestine masterplan that will see Howrey emerge as an all-conquering litigation behemoth.

So, the loss of a whole office in Taipei should be seen as a crafty strategic move too.

And in case anyone was left wondering, Ruyak confirmed that the firm still has the full support of its banking overlords, to the extent that they’ve given it a full one-year covenant.

Keep calm, carry on, don’t answer any calls from recruiters.