Houston, we have a law firm?

It’s suddenly all about Houston. As this week’s feature shows, the glut of US firms rushing into the world’s oil capital like a gang of teenagers at a TopShop sale may not be alone.

Linklaters, for one, is looking more and more closely at the city and even sent a group of partners out to Texas armed with Stetson hats and a divining rod. Allegedly (see story).

Whether that’s with a view to opening its own shop or joining forces with one of the good ’ol boys already there is still a little hazy. But where Links go, more – including potentially the likes of A&O and Phileas Fogg firm Norton Rose – could soon follow.

It’s all a result of the ’shale gale’ which, far from being the sobriquet of a modestly successful soul singer, is actually the handy Americanism coined to identify the latest energy gold rush across the pond.

We still don’t know what exactly shale is, but it’s sure got the folks excited.

Meanwhile, The Lawyer has today published the first edition of In-house Thought Leaders, a groundbreaking supplement that profiles 35 heads of legal who are making significant contributions to legal issues.

Throughout Thought Leaders, in-house lawyers explain candidly how they are navigating tricky areas such as bribery, competition, data protection, financing, regulation and relocation, and how the issues impact on their organisations. 

A plethora of top in-house counsel are featured, including Janice More at Heinz, Mohammed Malique at Lycatel, John Burton at Informa and Nicola Northway at Barclays.


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