Hogan Lovells’ moment of masochism

Anyone who’s bothered to watch England play football in a major tournament knows that it’s pure masochism.

But partners at Hogan Lovells, in spite of celebrating their co-CEO David Harris’s success at The Lawyer Awards (see story), felt more pain than most yesterday.

With every man, woman and child handcuffed to their TV for England’s World Cup match against Slovenia (some no doubt under duress), partners at the newly merged firm had to attend a compulsory meeting – slap bang in the middle of the game.

US footy fans joined their new England colleagues in the disappointment, with their team, far from being the World Cup whipping boys, playing an equally crucial game against Algeria at the same time.

With so many interested in the match, the partners agreed not to watch a single minute of the action, gagging anyone from hinting at the score.

The partners also implemented a clampdown on BlackBerrys, making a pact not to check their phones for updates during the meeting.

Now, we all know that work is important but to stick a meeting in the diary during England’s last game is a form of medieval torture. Why flog yourself to death trying to work while everyone else is holding ’crucial meetings’ at their local pub?

Luckily, England’s victory meant many would have been spanking their PEP on champagne later that evening. But the football fan contingent at the Anglo-American firm must wonder what they’ve got themselves into.


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