Here’s looking at you, Sheds

Of all the law firms in all the world, it had to be Eversheds that walks into Casablanca.

Becoming the first UK firm to open in the famous old port (see story), Sheds no doubt hopes that the Moroccan escapade is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Former Eversheds Paris associate Mohamed Oulkhouir is setting up shop on the African coast, working in conjunction with his alma mater in expectation of using the firm’s name sometime in the future. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and, presumably, for the rest of its life.

As for the office itself, the fundamental things will apply as it rounds up the usual suspects of African practice areas: infrastructure; renewable energy; natural resources; and, possibly, the acquisition of exit visas for Lisbon.

The tie-up is dependent on the success of a six-month trial period. But if it doesn’t work out, Oulkhouir will always have Paris.


Readers comment of the day:  “I am a black female from a working class, inner-city background. I went to a state school, managed to get into a Russell Group university and am currently halfway through a training contract with Slaughter and May. I may not represent the majority but I am certainly not the exception.”

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